Finally Instagram Photos That Are Made From Chocolate

Here is something special for those who love sharing images and eating chocolate! Normally the two would not ever be mentioned within the line, but on this occasion Cocoagraphs are Instagram images printed out into 3.5″ x 4.25″ x .25″ squares of either white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate. 

These are the details on the brilliantly edible Cocoagraph photos;

Our unique chocolate photographs bring back the nostalgia of the POLAROID in a luscious and charming way. These distinctive creations called COCOAGRAPHS combine our love of vintage, photography and of course CHOCOLATE!

Cocoagraphs make wonderful gifts for the holidays, birthdays, weddings and special occasions. They are perfect for wedding/shower favours and corporate/business events. Please contact us for large orders at least one month in advance if possible.

Priced at $27 or £18 for a pack of three Cocoagraphs available from the Cocoagraph Etsy store

Source [Ubergizmo]