Nextdoor The Social Network For Neighbourhoods

There are many ways that neighbourhoods and communities work together to ensure that their area is safe, secure and just generally a nice place to live, but there is nothing like Nextdoor the social network designed for neighbourhoods. Currently this is only available in the US where there are already 3,600 neighbourhoods signed up from forty eight states. However, Nextdoor is hoping to go international by end of this year, so social networking and neighbourhood will be mashed into Nextdoor next year! 

These are the features that Nextdoor will offer communities that sign up for Nextdoor;

Hundreds of neighbourhoods are already using Nextdoor to build happier, safer places to call home. Neighbours are using Nextdoor to:

Track down a trustworthy babysitter

Get the word out about a break-in

Organize a neighbourhood garage sale

Ask for help finding a lost pet

Discuss emergency response plans

Source [Mashable]