Romo The Robot Powered By Smartphone

Anyone who has been brought up with Star Trek, Star Wars and other science fiction shows and movies, will have yearned for such a thing as the Romo! Now a reality the Romo is a mini robot powered by a Smartphone and therefore it is within easy reach for anyone who has ever wanted to have his or her own personal robot around the home or office. The great thing about this is that users can develop their own apps for Romo! 

Romotive – Agent Steve: The Spy Robot from Romotive on Vimeo.

These are the features available with the Romo robotics kit;


Romo is still young, but he is learning new tricks every day. You can let Romo wander about your home and dance to music (one smart device) or you can stream Romo’s video to a controller (two smart devices, including laptops) and control him across Wi-Fi. Our developers and our community are constantly publishing new behaviours, which our users can easily download through the app store.

Priced at $150 or £97

Source [Cool Material]