Wallet Sized USB Charger For The iPhone

Battery life is a bit of a dilemma for iPhone users the more you use it the more battery it eats up and you do not want to carry the charging cable around with you either. So do limit the use of the device or wait for the ChargeCard to come along? Well the answer should be the later because this handy card fits into a wallet, but when it is needed, you then simply connect it to the iPhone and to a USB port for a nice power booster. 

This is a little bit of information about the cool looking ChargeCard device; 

Our quest was simple: a charging cable for your iPhone portable enough for you to always have it on you. Being ultra-portable, however, wasn’t enough; it needed to fit into your life. So we designed ChargeCard in the shape of a business card, and at only three times the thickness of a credit card. With this form factor, the ChargeCard fits naturally into your wallet, purse or pocket. It’s there when you need it, and out of your way when you don’t.

There are various offers to backers on the Kickstarter page, but expect to pay around $25 for the ChargeCard when it eventually goes to retail.

Source [Kickstarter]