Watch Y The Last Man Rising Short Movie Here

Imagine being the last man on the planet, after a plague wipes out the male population leaving just the female of species behind! Your services would probably be in great demand and yet there are dangers too! Y: The Last Man Rising is based on a highly successful comic book series where Yorick is the only man left alive. Apparently, the studios have looked at this over the years, but it seems that IGN and Drake 1129 Productions have got there first. 

Here is what IGN and Drake 1129 Productions have to say about the short movie;

Based on one of the most critically acclaimed comics of all time. A mysterious plague has wiped out all men on the planet, and women are left to pick up the pieces of society. The only surviving man is Yorick, an amateur escape artist who is the key to the continual survival of the human race. Special Agent 355 is tasked to protect his life at all costs. Luckily, she’s really good at her job.

Source [Nerd Approved]