Build Your Own Family Tree With My Peoples Tree

Here is an interesting slant on the family tree, it is a tree that is printed using the latest 3D printing technology with the faces of your family, friends or just about anyone else embossed onto a leaf which is then placed onto the branch of your tree. 

This is the description of the app and the People Tree from the My People’s Tree iTunes page;

My People’s Tree is an application provided by Elium Studio which allows anyone to create a 3D image of a People Tree and to 3D-print it.

Its ingenious system, based on a set of assembling elements, enables the building all kind of people trees where each customizabled petal identifies one person and from which each branch symbolizes a relation.

My People’s Tree has a free app available from the iTunes Store.

Prices for this interesting idea start from $5 or £3.30 for a single leaf up to £16 or $24 for a tree with five branches.

Source [Chip Chick]

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