The iGills Waterproof To 130 Feet iPhone Case

Normally when something is described as being waterproof, we would normally take that as being that it is all right to use in the rain! But this is the iGills SE-35 case for the iPhone, it might be a bit bulky, but it does have cool looking buttons and is waterproof down to 130 feet, now that’s what you waterproof! 

This is what you be getting with the cool looking iGills SE-35 case;

Fully featured recreational dive computer with air, nitrox and gage modes

Auto-populating digital dive log with dive locations, profiles, and photo album generation

Underwater still camera

Underwater video camera

Digital compass

Backup flashlight


The price of the iGills SE-35 case is £213 or $330

Source [Technabob]