The SD Card That Has A Built In USB Connector

SD Cards are very handy for storing video and images on; they can be transferred from one device to another providing the device has the right sized slots. However the SanDisk Ultra II 4 GB version comes with a built in USB connector allowing it to be used with a whole range devices without the worry about slots or adapters. 

Here are the features for the very handy USB connecting SanDisk Ultra II SD Card;

The SanDisk Ultra II is the high-performance digital memory solution for serious photographers. This family of outstanding flash cards provides the durability and high-speed quality needed for advanced amateur photographers and photo enthusiasts. The groundbreaking SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus card gives you the capability to connect your SD card directly into a USB port by transforming into a USB adapter, via the unique hinged cover, eliminating the need for any readers to offload content to a PC. The superior value for providing two products in one makes this the most unique SD card in the market.

The price of the SanDisk Ultra II is £21 or $33

Source [Amazon]