Awesome Yeti Solar Power Generator From Zero

Solar power is silent and green, but it seems that this source of free eco friendly energy has never really been capitalised on fully, until now! This is Yeti Solar Power Generator From Zero, its capable of powering all of the homes essentials and a few gadgets too! Naturally, you are going to need the sun, but this is low cost alternative for our energy requirements. 

Here are some of the features for the Zero Yeti 1250 solar generator;

The Yeti 1250 is powerful enough to back-up critical appliances – refrigerators and freezers – as well as home health care equipment – heart monitors, oxygen & CPAP machines.

Charge your Yeti 1250 in silence using the free and clean energy of the sun. You can also charge it from the wall. Either way, there are no worries of toxic fumes or the transportation and storage of flammable fuel.

Priced at $2,000 or £1,276

Source [Uncrate]