The Wallet Made From One Piece Of Wood

This is the Wood Wallet by Haydanhuya; it is made from solid piece of Lime wood and has a slot that is just right for money, cards and even business cards. However, the main thing here is that its different and its eco friendly too, as such this could be the ideal gift for someone who wants something green and different all rolled into one. 

These are the features for the solid wood wallet;

Handmade, using 1 piece of solid lime wood.

Ideal to use for credit cards, money, id and business cards.

Its unique id will be written at the backside, and you will receive a certificate for your edition.

Dimensions: width: 3.5″ / 95 mm, depth: 0.4″ / 10 mm and height: 3″ / 70 mm

Prices start from £29 ($45) and rise to £106 ($165)

Source [Haydanhuya]