Watch This Fan Made Nightwing Movie Short

The term Nightwing has been used a few times in the DC Comics world, but in this case it’s the story of Dick Grayson who sort of shifts around in the world of Bruce Wayne and Batman. This five minute movie crams so much in, it has style and it is not unlike the Batman films of late. Its only short video so why not give a whirl, you will not be disappointed! 

According to the YouTube user DannyLaShep this is why they made Nightwing;


Nightwing is by far one of my favourite superheroes in either Marvel or DC I have always loved the character even when he was still just Batman’s sidekick! so In honour of The Dark Knight Rises coming out, me and Jeremy ” Jimmy” Le decided to make a short film based on one of my personal favourite DC/ Batman characters; Batman’s old sidekick, “Nightwing”!

Source [Nerd Approved]