Classic Lego Style Case For The iPhone

The building bricks of Lego have made their way into almost every facet of the gadget world and now these colourful building blocks have been carefully crafted into a cool looking case for the iPhone. The case is from TinkerBrick and comes in black, red, white and yellow, but the coolest thing is that it can be added to with more Lego to produce a completely original design. 

This is how the firm describe their Lego based case for the iPhone;


The TinkerBrick helps people connect two of the most capable innovation/tinkering/play platforms ever designed—iOS™ and Lego ®—creating a super flexible innovation environment. It is optimized for creative use. It works as a platform to build on, and as a component that can be built into existing Lego sets.

Priced at £21 or $33
Source [Coolest Gadgets]