The Ultimate Way To Launch A Plastic Water Bottle

It is that time of year when the water gun starts to appear and that means getting wet! However, it seems that the Japan based toy company Marudai have the answer, it is a RPG launcher that fires those two litre bottles of fizz or in this case, water! While this looks like fun, you cannot help but to think that somebody is going to get into serious trouble with one of these things! 

This is the translated features text from the Marudai website;

It has been designed referring to the rocket / missile launcher that reality, there is no high degree of reproducibility. Please enjoy as a “toy-like feel.” Kit because it is, If you are confident to work, please also try to make minor dent. This toy is a toy and enjoy the recoil when firing injection. Please observe the rules and manners play within the terms stipulated.

There are no prices available for the rocket style water bottle launcher

Source [Nerd Approved]