Microsoft Previews The Wedge Touch Mouse

The new Wedge Touch Mouse from Microsoft, is a brilliant design that looks like it’s going to be easy to use and because there are no wires it is not going to get all tangled up either, which is a bonus. This has been designed with Windows 8 in mind, but that does not mean it cannot be used with any other operating system, but at £45 ($70) it is rather an expensive accessory. 

These are the details on the Wedge Touch Mouse according to Microsoft;

Wedge Touch Mouse packs full functionality into a compact frame that’s great for your mobile lifestyle. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s the perfect companion for your laptop or tablet when you’re on the go. Plus the artful, minimalist design (complemented by high-quality materials and craftsmanship) gives you fluid, four-way Touch scrolling and navigation in every direction.

Priced at £45 or $70 when it is eventually released

Source [Microsoft]