Razer Prepares To Launch The BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard

Could this be the ultimate gaming keyboard around, well if we go on what the maker Razer says then yes it is, but we will reserve that until we have managed to get a closer look once this keyboard has been launched? We are not sure when this keyboard will be hitting the shelves but more news should be coming soon. 

Here is what Razer has to say about the cool Razer BlackWidow Ultimate;


The new 2013 edition of the Razer BlackWidow has been locked and reloaded to deliver the best performance to an all-new generation of gamers. Its full mechanical key infrastructure with blue switches remains the core technology that powers this top-of-the-line keyboard, offering distinctive tactile feedback, superior gaming-grade response, and faster key actuations as compared to standard keyboards.

Priced at £125 or $200
Source [Razer Zone]