The Scumbag Backpack By Blind Chic

There is nothing like giving a product an outrageous name to get the attention of the media and that is exactly what Blind Chic have done with the Scumbag back pack. It is made from tough maxed canvas and has enough pockets to store all of your gear including a skateboard. 

This is what the Blind Chic Scumbag has to offer;

Description: 1 front pocket, 2 front buckles (matte black, metal), 2 side buckles for attaching the front panel

Padded shoulder straps with additional, removable chest strap, and padded Back. Velcro enclosure on top

Bag also includes two small inner pockets (25 cm in width and 20 cm in height on the back part of the bag, 10×10 cm on side)


Priced at around £96 or $150 from Blind Chic

Source [Uncrate]

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