Is This The Ultimate Bicycle Theft Prevention System

It is always a worrying a time when you leave your new bike somewhere, despite having the latest locks etc. However, this is an idea that seems to have the answer. It is by the designers Cheng-Tsung Feng and Yu-Ting Cheng and it requires the removal of the pedals to create a wheel locking system, double the trouble for the bike thief, who will not only have to tackle two problems. 


These are some of the features for the clever cycle pedal locks;

Impair the willing of the theft to steal.

Increase the difficulty of breaking the lock.

Increase the difficulty of escape, and not to make the bike be the tool of escape.

Increases distinguish ability in order to easily find out one’s own bike among all the bikes.

Prevent the user from forgetting to unlock and cause bicycle out of working.

This is still in the early design stages and as such we have no prices etc yet.

Source [Dvice]