Razer Launches The Ouroboros Gaming Mouse

Gamers like to have the edge over the competition, this means that having all of the right gear is essential and that includes a mouse that can do the job right! Check out the Razer Ouroboros, this is gaming mouse that looks like it could win the game on its own. It has customizable features to suit the individual gamer and just looks cool too. 

These are the features for the cool looking Razer Ouroboros gaming mouse;

The Razer Ouroboros was designed specially by our team of ergonomic scientists and engineers to create the most comfortable ambidextrous mouse. Extensive ergonomic research was conducted based on scientific studies from the Razer ergonomic scientists, industrial designers and by extensive testing and trials together with numerous feedback we’ve gathered from our pro-gamers and the community. Our ergonomists derived that there are essentially 3 key factors in an ambidextrous mouse.

This new Razer Ouroboros is priced at $130 or £84; it is a little bit pricey, but worth every penny to some gamers!
Source [Coolest Gadgets]

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