EKOCYCLE Is Launched With Celebrity Backing

Big names such as Coca Cola, Beats by Dr Dre and Will.i.am have teamed up to launch EKOCYCLE, a new a exciting initiative that will focus on recycling or rather to encourage the manufacturing of products made from recycled materials. These products still look cool and trendy, but are much better for the planet and that just has to be a good thing, doesn’t it! 

According to the text that comes with the video, this is what EKOCYCLE is all about;

All good things must end, but an end can be a new start. That is why will.i.am and Coca-Cola teamed up to form EKOCYCLE™. EKOCYCLE™ things are made, in part, from other things. Things that don’t have to end. Things that begin again. Join the cycle at http://www.EKOCYCLE.com

Source [Chip Chick]