Retro Looking Lantern Bike Lights Made From Recycled Jars

Here is an interesting thing, you own a classic bike but you need to have lights for when it gets dark! Naturally, you need retro looking lights and these do the job, they offer red, white and blinking red LED inside a recycled jar, with retro looking features such as the switches and brackets, sounds ideal! 

These are the details on those interesting LED Bicycle Lantern Bike Lights;

Give your fixie, cruiser, or vintage road bike a retro look with Bicycle Lanterns from Electric Apparatus. Bike lights help to illuminate and protect yourself in the twilight of a summer’s day from the ignorant speeding motorized hordes. Also many states require by law for bicyclists riding at night to use a headlight. Our lights are visible from over 500 feet away, which makes them legal in most states, and feature ultra-brite LEDs for maximum visibility.

Priced at $15 or £10

Source [Etsy]

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