Original Rotary Phone With iPhone Speaker Dock

Some folks like a bit of retro style in their home or office and this phone will bring you a touch of the 1960’s! It is a classic original rotary phone with a difference and that is you can place your iPhone or iPod into the docking station to charge and listen to your music, it is the ideal centrepiece for any desk or table. 

These are the details for the Rotary Phone iPod & iPhone Charging Speaker Dock;

All my phones have been carefully cleaned, buffed for minor scratches, and polished, but small blemishes are to be expected on something of this age. Please not that this phone has surface scratches as well as slight discoloration in lower right hand corner, as well as above the dial. High quality audio components have been installed in the units, and your device rest in a specially moulded universal dock on the rear of the phone

These classic phones will set you back around $200 or £132.

Source [Chip Chick]