The iLoop Phone Holder And Stress Reliever

This is the sort of mobile phone stand that you want if you are trying to be a bit different. It is called the iLoop and it’s like a doughnut you put your phone into the centre to stand it up on your desk! There is more, if you are making a call and finding that you are stressing out, the iLoop is the ideal thing to relieve that stress. 

These are the details on the iLoop flexible stand;

iLoop is all about inspiration. It proves that things can be reinvented even today in today’s market that if overflown with products and information.

It is hard to make something new; it is hard to be original, yet in the iLoop lies something like this and something very unique. It proves that everybody can come up with their great idea that can be used in the world.

It is an inspiration from all vantage points. From it’s usability as a phone holder and a stress relief item, that you need at hand almost all the time.

Priced at £13 or $20

Source [iLoop]