GameKlip Connects Android Smartphone’s To PS3 Controllers

This is the GameKlip, it is a mount that fits to a PS3 controller and then allows an Android powered Smartphone to connect to the controller, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Gaming on your Android powered Smartphone has become easier than ever, making your online gaming friends wonder where you have gained your new skills from! 

According to the GameKlip website, this is the thinking behind the cool handheld mounting platform;


The GameKlip only mounts your Android device on your controller. There is no connectivity software included with the GameKlip. To pair my controller with my phone, I used an app called “Sixaxis Controller,” by Dancing Pixel Studios, available on Google Play. Unfortunately not all phones are compatible and root access is currently required for wireless connections.


Prices range from £10 or $15 to £16 or $25!
Source [Geeky Gadgets]