This Is The TshirtOS The Platform That You Can Wear

Could this be the future of t shirts? Well currently this is a prototype, but we know is that the TshirtOS has a camera, LED display, microphone and speaker system that will allow the wearer to express themselves without actually having to say a single word! This t shirt is connected and will take social media to a completely new level. 

These are the details for the TshirtOS as provided with the video;

The TshirtOS is the world’s first wearable, sharable, programmable t-shirt. The original canvas of personal-expression, innovated by Ballantine’s and Cutecirctuit. A working, digital t-shirt that can be programmed by an iOS app to do whatever you can think of. Ballantine’s & Cutecircuit believe in the power of personal expression and want to make tshirtOS available for everybody to buy.

The only question remaining here would be what would your message be on a t shirt like this one?
Source [Engadget]