First Official Trailer For Greystone Park Offers A Fright For Monday

The first that is worrying here is that it is based on true events, so Greystone Park already starts to work its magic on your mind. Now you find that it is the first movie from Sean Stone, son of Oliver! Now you are really in two minds, dare I watch the trailer or not! Well check it out and see if you are brave enough to watch the whole movie in the dark and on your own! 

This is just a little bit of the synopsis for the creepy  and chilling movie Greystone Park;

In October 2009, three filmmaking friends break into Greystone, an abandoned asylum, to explore whether or not they believe in ghosts. Legend has it that anyone who ventures into the hospital will go mad. The young trio will now have to suffer the consequences of their journey into a mysterious realm of escaped patients, ghosts and demonic “shadows.”

Source [Horror Movies]