Hold A Garage Sale On Your iPhone With Garage Marketplace

There are plenty of ways to sell your unwanted stuff online, but most of the time you have to build in the charges into the price and so sometimes it is not so much of a bargain. However, with Garage Marketplace you call the shots; take a picture, buy and sell! It really is that easy. 

This is what you do with the cool and free Garage Marketplace iPhone app;

Sell your stuff by simply taking a picture.

Follow your friends and see what they buy and sell.

Discover the best things from the community.

Forget your computer.

Selling is very easy.

Add your stuff in less than 1 minute.

You can list unlimited items for free.

Buying and selling is safe with Paypal payment.

You can get Garage Marketplace from the iTunes Store right now and its free!

Source [Garage]