The Bladepad Its An iPhone Case And Gamepad In One

The iPhone is brilliant for playing games on, but as these games become more complex, the controls do not seem to have the sort of response that you would expect. However, this could all change with the Bladepad; it is a case for the iPhone with built in sliding gamepad in a classic design. Your gaming opponents will not know what has hit them! 

According to the write up on Kickstarter this is what the iPhone gamer can expect from the Bladepad;


Connect Bladepad to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Place your iPhone in the protective case and the gamepad slides out beneath your phone. When you are done playing, the gamepad slides back in place under your phone.

If you don’t want the gamepad attached, you can easily remove the gamepad from the protective case by sliding the gamepad off via a track along the sides of the case.  The protective case stays attached to your phone.

The retail price when launched will be around £65 or $100 but backers on the crowd funding site Kickstarter can get an early bonus of a one Bladepad case by pledging just £44 or $69, bargain has to be!

Source [Bladepad]