Mobi-Lens The Universal Smartphone And Tablet Photography Tool

Taking images and creating video has never been so popular it is all down to the use of Smartphone and tablet cameras! These devices are really useful, but sometimes limit the users creativity, the Mobi-Lens is a device that sets the user imagination free, check out the video to see exactly how cool this little device is. 

Here are the features for the Mobi-Lens photography tool;

Mobi-Lens simply clips onto your device, kind of like a chip bag clip or a clothespin, and you can adjust it accordingly to match up with your camera lens and fit properly with the width of your device (*camera frame may vary on mobile devices depending on thickness of some phone cases — it is recommended to use Mobi-Lens without a phone case for best picture results). Mobi-Lens is strong enough to clamp onto your device so that it will securely stay in place, yet it is gentle enough to prevent any damages to your device.

We do not know what the retail price is likely to be, but backers for this project on Kickstarter can get their hands on the entry level device with just a £20 or $30 pledge.
Source [Mobi Lens]