New Trailer For The Hawken Web Series And Movie

Gamers will know about Hawken, but for anyone who missed that important part of the gaming world this is a trailer for the up and coming web series and movie of the same name! Directed by Jerry O’Flaherty from Gears of War, this live action version of Hawken promises to be something very special, check out the video to see for yourself. 

This is what the Pasadena based Rogues Gallery have to say about their work;

Having already been immersed in the “world” with the teaser, we hit the ground running with the goal of taking this trailer to the next level. Everything was intensified, from the CG, to the explosions, to the details, and even to the number of full CG shots we executed. Working closely with Jerry and editor, Josh Bodnar of the Whitehouse, we crafted a trailer that gave a glimpse of what viewers could expect from both the webseries and recently announced Hawken feature film.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]