This Case Turns The iPod Touch Into A 4G iPhone

Sometimes a brilliant idea shows up and this case for the iPod Touch is one of those ideas. It is not any ordinary case though because this will transform your iPod into an iPhone with access to the 4G network and there is a free gigabyte of data thrown in for free! We should mention here, that this is only any good where 4G is available and after the first gigabyte of data has gone, there is a charge of $10 per gigabyte, ouch! 

These are the features and specs for the Freedom Sleeve for iPod Touch;

Turn your iPod into an iPhone with 4G anywhere

Stream video and music anywhere

Use Skype, chat and FaceTime wherever you go

Turn your iPod into a hotspot – FREE wi-fi for 8 devices

Full refund for devices returned within 90 days

Freedom Service

Get up to 1GB FREE broadband

500MB guaranteed FREE broadband every month

Plus additional MB’s for each friend you add

Buy additional capacity for just $10 per GB

No contract, no commitment, cancel anytime!

Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone with the FreedomPop Sleeve: 4G data for your iPod Touch, Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 other devices, stream video and music anywhere, and you can even use Apple’s FaceTime wherever you go! Check out this video to learn more about the Freedom Sleeve for iPod Touch.

Price at $99 this service is not available anywhere else, but it should be!

Source [Dvice]