Listen To Your Tunes No Matter Where You Are

Listening to music is a fun summer thing, but there is always the risk that your music player is going to get wet or damaged somehow and that is just not good at all. The Eco Extreme on the other hand will protect your music player and other valuable completely, even if it is dropped into the sea it should float and its bright orange case makes easy to find. 

These are the features for the Eco Extreme water tight speaker case;

Grace Digital rugged speaker for all environments. 3¡± full range forward firing speaker. 3W RMS per speaker. Detachable carabineer clip allows easy transportation while leaving your hands free. Up to 30hrs Battery Life at average volume levels. Powered by 3 AA batteries. Spac-ous internal storage compartment can hold your keys, MP3 Player, credit cards, drivers license and cash, while keeping it all safe from sand, sun, and water. IPX7 Approved (International Weatherproofing Standard). High impact shock resistant design withstands drops, falls and spills. Designed to play open or closed.

Priced at £39.99 or $78 from Amazon

Source [Coolest Gadgets]

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