The Six Legged Vehicle They Call Stompy

Could this be the personal transport of the future? Well if these guys have their way the answer would be yes! This is Stompy a six legged robotic style vehicle that can carry two people easily over terrain where even toughest of trucks and other off road vehicles would fail. The Stompy is more like a rescuebot than personal transport, but someone is going to give it go aren’t they! 

This is what the team have to say about this interesting concept for personal transporters;

We dream of a world where imagination becomes reality simply because enough passionate people decide that an idea has merit. We dream of robots of all shapes and sizes being made across the globe, because the high-end technology needed to make them is simplified, generalized, and made publicly accessible.

Expect to pay an astonishing $300,000 or £193,000 for your very own Stompy transporter.
Source [Kickstarter]