This iPhone Skin Is A Bit Of A Puzzle

Here is a skin for the iPhone 4 and 4S that is going to be completely unique to each phone. It is made up with fifteen different pieces of real wood; each is a different colour and will also have a different etc. It is shape like a mini jigsaw puzzle and can be fitted and removed with ease! 


These are the features for the cool and interesting Puzzle skin for the iPhone 4S;

Each puzzle piece is precision laser cut from a piece of wood. We then assemble the skin together into one, finished puzzle. When you get it, you just peel off one adhesive backing and apply the skin. It only takes about 10 seconds! Our special adhesive backing will keep the skin securely on your phone. If you ever want to remove it, the adhesive leave no sticky residue!

Priced at £16 or $24 and if you want to add a front iPhone skin too that will be an extra £3.20 or $5

Source [Carved]