Got A Cool Gadget Idea Then ThinkGeek Wants To Hear About It

ThinkGeek is one of the stores that have cleverly brought cool gadgets and fun together all one place! But now they are offering the chance for anyone with a cool gadget idea to submit the idea to them and if it gets through the ThinkGeek IdeaFactory process, it could be made and the creator is paid for the idea! So get your thinking cap on, I am thinking about …..! That would be telling, wouldn’t it? 

This is how the whole submission process will work;

You submit your idea: We’ll need a written description and an image of the idea.

The image can be a rendering or a detailed drawing.

ThinkGeek will review your idea, make sure it passes the caveats, and respond within 60 days.

If we choose to make the product and you get paid

Source [Think Geek]

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