Handy Folding Shelf For Laptops Tablets And Other Gadgets

This is the Urban Shelf, it folds down flat for easy storage, but when additional space is needed the Urban Shelf will spring into action slipping under the cushion or mattress to provide the perfect side table that will support your gadgets and anything else you need. 

These are the features and details for the cool and very handy Urban Shelf;

Holds over 4x its own weight

No assembly required

Durable hinges won’t break

Portable space-saving design

Folds flat – only 1/2″ thick

Lightweight – only 1 lb

(2) convenient cord holders

Edge lip keeps items from rolling off

Doubles as an iPad/tablet stand

Designed & made in Pennsylvania, USA

Priced at £10 or $15

Source [The Awseomer]