Plenty Of Power From The Exovolt Plus Stackable Battery Pack

We love gadgets and hate the fact that all of this cool technology is only as good as your battery level! However, that would seem to be a thing of the past with the Exovolt Plus. This is a stackable battery system, with a base unit and sub batteries that can be stacked onto it, the more sub units you have the more power at your disposal. 

These are the specs for the Exovolt Plus stackable battery system;

World’s first stackable battery pack

Unlimited expandable battery capacity

Sleek Modern Design

Rapid Charge

5,200mA Lithium Polymer Battery

4 LED battery power status indicator lights

Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Universal design, works with most Smart Phones and Tablets

Auto-Safety Protection System – Double Circuit Protection – Overheat Protection – Short-Circuit Protection – Automatic Input/Output Control


The Exovolt Plus system is priced at $90 or £58 for base unit and $50 or £32 for additional batteries, it is not cheap but it is handy.

Source [Oh Gizmo]