The Charging Station That Holds Your Phone While It Charges

There is nothing worse than having to leave your Smartphone hanging down the wall or even on the floor when it needs charging, but that is what a lot of us have to do unless we are lucky enough to have a spare socket by our desks. The Charging Station means that is a thing of the past and it’s just tidy too. Simply plug the power adapter through the holder and rest the phone the holder. 


These are the features for the Charging Station phone holder;

HJC’s stylish charging station provides a safe and tidy solution for electronic devices. The station adjusts to fit the majority of Phones, PDA’s, Mp3 Players and Digital Camera’s up to 60mm wide, and is counterbalanced by the charger. A unique transferable rear plate allows either left or right locations to suit single or double gang sockets. The excess cable is neatly stored behind the unit for safety during use and presents a clutter-free environment. This product has been 100% designed & manufactured in the UK.

Priced at $8.49 or £5.70

Source [Yanko Design]