Cool Movie Short Portal 2 Meet The Cores

This is a very interesting and funny movie short it features Wheatley and this is sort of his story if Wheatley is actually a he and not an it! There is of course, one main thing missing from the movie, where is GLaDOS? That is what we want to know. 

According to the YouTube video maker Harry101UK this is what he thinks of the cool video;

A short Portal film, loosely made in the style of a Team Fortress 2 ‘Meet The Team’ video. Featuring several of the favourite cores, and a couple of new ones!
Made over 3 weeks in my spare time. This started as a very quick visual test, but grew into something a little bigger. I’m not 100% happy with it, but it was a good learning experience!

What do you think about this interesting idea featuring Portal 2 etc?
Source [The Awesomer]