The Matrix Rescue Scene As Made By Valves Source Filmmaker

We are going to be seeing a lot more of this sort of stuff as developers get to grips with the recently opened up Source Filmmaker! On this occasion, it is LiveCurious95 who has re-imagined the rescue scene from the Matrix. This is early days for Valves Source Filmmaker and already we are seeing some real cool video, so just what is waiting for us in the next few weeks is anyone’s guess. 

According to the developer LiveCurious95 Here are some notes on how the video was made;

My best sfm project so far. Hope you like it. make sure you watch in 720p. this video is based on “rescuing morpheus” scene in the fiction-based movie “the matrix” if you don’t know or remember the scene, still need to work on character movements. making them realistic is so hard:) some of movements may seem odd. so….. Enjoy the movie!

So what do think about this? Did you take the red or the blue pill?
Source [Kotaku]

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