When Portal 2 Finished What Ever Happened To Chell

It is always the same, a game of movie finishes and we are left to wonder what happened next! Well it looks like video maker Zachariah Scott, has a good idea what happen to Chell after Aperture Science and he has made a cool video to share these thoughts with you, enjoy and let us know what you think. 

According to the text provided by the films maker Zachariah Scott’s video junkyard, here are some more details;


As some of you have pointed out, the animation is wooden at times. I’ll totally cop to that, I’m pretty new to animating from scratch, but to be honest, and this is a real cop out answer, I wasnt’ really focusing on animation fidelity with this. I mostly wanted to get the thoughts down and put this out, so that I could get back to working on my real, primary project. That other project, is where I’m putting all my love and polish. This one was just to rip through and get the thought out of my head.

So what do you think? It is not a brilliant on scale and the animation is slightly off in places, but we think that the story has it all, what do you think?
Source [Nerd Approved]