Official Halo 4 Trailer Shows Game Play And New Weapons

With the official launch of Halo 4 set for November, we can expect Microsoft to begin its marketing in order catch the holiday buyers. Here is just one of what we expect to be many official trailers, its shows us some cool game play action and we get to see some of the new UNSC weapons available. Check out the trailer now to see for yourself. 

According to HaloWaypoint’s channel where the video comes from, here are some further details on this official Halo 4 trailer;

Take a look at the huge arsenal of UNSC weapons at your disposal in Halo 4. Fans should recognize a few favourites plus some brand new tools of destruction, like the Sticky Detonator!

There is still a bit of wait as Halo 4 is due for release in November for the Xbox 360.
Source [Computer And Video Games]