Handy Bar Tenders Ten In One Tool Called The Bar10der

Think of this as a bar tenders Swiss Army knife. it starts off as a handy pocket sized device, but just like the famous Swiss Army knife there are ten handy tools available to make the bar tenders easier and to keep those drinks flowing!  

This is how the Bar10der device can make you into the coolest dude at the party;

Combining ten essential bartending tools—the muddler, standard and channel knives, reamer, jigger, zester, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, and bottle opener—this modern wonder-tool allows you to craft libations you’ve only seen the likes of at your favorite speakeasy. Using the same compact, swing-out design of the classic pocket knife, this sleek all-in-one accessory has all the functionality of a professional cocktail-making set, without the bulk or the unnecessary add-ons and what’s-its.

Priced at $50 in the US and £32 in the UK

Source [Uncrate]