Smart Looking iPhone Speaker System Called The Cocoon

Here is a real cool looking speaker system from Denon, they call it the Cocoon Home and it works with the iPhone. There is a dock in the front of the device, which when not in use will fold into the machine leaving a digital display in its place. The Denon Cocoon Home has some great features and looks that could have people thinking it is a work of art. 

These are the details on the cool looking Denon Cocoon Home;

Big and beautiful: the Cocoon Home is a captivating object that bears an incredible design on both, the inside and outside. The unique and iconic shape paves the way for it to become one timeless piece of entertainment technology. It is a statement that does not require any compromise on the quality of music you enjoy in your home. The touch sensitive control buttons, smoothly integrated into the body’s curves, the retractable tray with OLED display, the Denon Double layer woofers that reliably produce the original Denon Sound from a large variety of sources… And a remarkable set of network capabilities to round it all up. An entirely new class of sound & design is awaiting you.

Priced at £500 in the UK and $785 in the US

Source [Denon]

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