Mobile Gaming Just Got Easier With The Coco Controller

Gaming on a Smartphone can be a bit of challenge sometimes and that is not just the game, it is the device itself as often the controls can be small and close together. This is where the Coco Controller comes in, it makes all gamers equal and therefore when you win you really do know that you are the champion. But only if the Coco Controller gets funding through Kickstarter! 

These are the details on the Coco Controller for mobile gamers;

Coco is a phone case that turns your mobile phone into a true handheld gaming platform. Smart phones have put everything in the palm of your hand – your social network, your contacts, your calendars – but they have not yet provided the immersive gaming experience we see on other platforms because there are no physical buttons. There are good handheld gaming consoles on the market, but it just does not make sense to buy them when you already have a phone that’s capable. coco can make gaming on your phone a console level experience for the price of a typical iPhone case.

Anyone interested in getting their hands on one of these need only to pledge $35 or £23 on the crowd funding site Kickstarter to get one of the first models.

Source [IGN]