Pitfall Creator David Cranes Looks To Kickstarter For JungleVenture

It has been a long time since Pitfall took over those TV screens through the Atari 2600 computer system, now its creator David Crane is seeking to raise a massive $900,000 (£575,000) by crowd funding through Kickstarter for JungleVenture. This game has a planned launch date of December 2013, but so far has only managed to raise just over 10% of the goal with 32 days to go! 

This is the background on the game and the team behind it from their pitch on Kickstarter;

The journey started in 1982, when David introduced his first jungle adventure. The ensuing evolution of technology, platforms and player sophistication raises a tantalizing question: What would a David Crane jungle adventure look like if made today? So, David is returning to his roots to deliver a modern-day adventure game. Imagine a lush, textured, multi-dimensional living world. Imagine becoming immersed in the jungle, slipping through the foliage on a quest to solve an incredible mystery.

You can get one of the early copies of the game by backing the project on Kickstarter with just $15 in the US and £9.50 in the UK.
Source [Game Ranx]