Ways of optimising your PC performance to improve online gaming

Despite the popularity of playing casino games like poker on a PC, this can still be a slightly frustrating experience due to issues like slow connection speeds and problems with the downloading of the necessary software. However, there are some simple steps you can take to optimise the performance of your computer, which should at least minimise the irritations of these issues.   Perform maintenance regularly

This might seem like an obvious point, but a great many people assume that their computer simply maintains itself. The fact is, when it comes to issues like space on your hard drive you need to take care of it. Taking steps such as defragmenting files that are spread all over your hard drive, getting rid of programs that you don’t need or use and uninstalling unnecessary applications will all help to clear space on your hard drive – which should improve the running speed of your computer.

Processing power

Games, including online poker, occupy a great deal of the processing power of your PC, which means that it is not a good idea to try and run other programs which would use up processor power at the same time. Avoid having programs like Microsoft Word and Photoshop running at the same time as you are gaming, because this will reduce the strain on your computer’s processor, and should make the gaming experience more satisfactory. Ideally you should shut down all other programs – except those responsible for graphics and sound – when you are gaming, because they all use up valuable processor capability that the gaming will require.

Use ‘gaming mode’

As the name pretty clearly indicates, gaming mode ensures that your computer is at least temporarily in the optimal state for playing online games of any kind – including casino games like poker at poker.betfair.com. It does this simply by closing some of the Windows services that affect your ability to play games on the computer with maximum effect, and you can exit gaming mode when you are finished playing.

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