Ice Cubes With Built In Coloured LEDs Are Cool

Check out these light cubes, they are one inch blocks of non toxic plastic, but the best thing is that they can be frozen and then put into drinks to produce a cool light effect. They come in all sorts of pack sizes and colours, so there are plenty of ways to express yourself through these LED ice cubes. 

These are the features for the brilliant freezable cubes with LED’s;

The Rainbow 8-Mode Multi LED Litecubes light up ice cube is the most popular and versatile; It boasts 8 modes. You can choose from 7 brilliant LED solid colors: red, green, blue, red/green, blue/green, red/blue, red/green/blue. The 8th mode rotates through all 7 brilliant LED combinations continuously The Litecube is the Original lighted ice cube and finest light up ice cube available.


These little LED light cubes come in sets and will set you back around $20 in the US and for around £12 in the UK from Amazon.

Source [Technabob]