What Happens Once The Dust Has Settled In The Dark Knight

It is always a question on comic book and movie fans, what happened next? Well in this case we have a fan made movie with the title; Batman Puppet Master to look at! It is a great little feature just fifteen minutes long, but well worth the effort. 

These are the details for the brilliant fan made movie Batman: Puppet Master;

In the months following the death of Harvey Dent, Batman, still a wanted fugitive, is pushed to his limits as a new crime wave hits Gotham. Batman’s search to find who’s responsible leads him to a showdown with the masochistic serial killer Victor Zsasz.

Meanwhile Gotham’s newest crime boss, a mysterious figure known as Scarface, has an meeting with Edward Nigma, an FBI agent, sworn to bring down Batman at all costs.

Source [Nerd Approved]