The Shoot To Snooze Alarm Clock Is As Great As It Sounds

It has to be said that there are quite few shooting alarms on the market already, so is one more too many? Of course not! You can never have enough shooting alarms. This one is a NERF version so that foam loaded rifle in the spare room is going to get some serious action now! 

These are the main features for the NERF Black Shoot to Snooze LCD Alarm Clock;

Electronic Nerf target game

Backlight comes on when alarm rings or when the clock is tapped

LCD display with green backlight

Features: Night light, 12 hour clock, 24 hour clock, AM/PM indicator, Standard melody alarm, Snooze function, Date display, Temperature display, Quartz movement

Priced at around $24 in the US and £15 in the UK.

Source [Geek Alerts]

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