If You Want To Be Safe In The Dark You Could Use A HALO

Cycling is a great way to get around; it keeps you active and is good for the planet too! Surely, there is no downside? Well there is and it is the hundreds of thousands of cyclists who are injured or killed every year in road traffic accidents. With that sort of figure, cyclists need help and it comes in the form of HALO, an LED belt that can wrap around the cyclist to make sure that they are seen in the dark. 

This is the background information for the HALO;

HALO was designed originally as a sport safety belt that can be used on a daily basis. “We wanted to create world’s first multi-purpose illuminating LED sport safety belt that also looks good. The great thing about HALO is it looks like an ordinary everyday belt.” – Vincent Ng – Founder

You can get your hands on a HALO by pledging just $75 in the US or £48 in the UK on the Kickstarter site, we featured the HALO about a month ago and now with only a couple of days to go it looks like the HALO is going be yet another Kickstarter success, congrats to the team.

Source [Oh Gizmo]